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In April of 2023, FixedPoint IO will celebrate its 2nd year anniversary as a company. Despite the relatively short time, our focus and strategy has evolved over this period, adapting to the remarkable change that has occurred in the economy and a reshaping of the competitive environment. Our applied statistics and econometrics consulting remains in strong demand, and things are looking promising for our “software, data solutions, and advisory” service as we establish a fledgling "Fractional CTO" practice.

We remain appreciative of the clients who have supported us over the last year. We are fortunate that the majority of our clients share in our long-term outlook and take the time and effort to get to know our team and build a deep knowledge base on our operations – we consider you our business partners, and the conversations we have with you help influence our thinking.

As I write this note, our global economy is being impacted by COVID-19, bringing on profound changes for businesses, the way we work, our personal lives and society in general. We remain fully committed to help our clients, employees and other stakeholders during this difficult time, and take comfort in the strength of our business model that will help us weather these challenges. We will continue to keep you posted on potential business impacts during this rapidly changing environment.

Thank you for your continuing support and your confidence and trust in our team.

Charles Shaw, Managing Director

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We have extensive capabilities in econometric modelling for various areas of business and policy, with strong capacity to handle large datasets and complicated statistical problems.

  • Discovery & Strategy

  • Marketing Econometrics

  • Prediction Analytics

  • Machine Learning

  • Technology Solutions

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