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Established in 2021, FixedPoint IO specializes in empowering both corporate entities and nonprofit organizations with robust data solutions. Our expertise spans a comprehensive range of services, including most aspects of data science.

Your partner for success

Our experienced consultants strive to not only present you with accurate results, but to ensure that you understand the analytic techniques utilized to obtain those results. We are equipped to meet your commercial needs to ensure that your business strategy achieves success.

Business Intelligence Consulting

We go beyond mere data visualisation and summary statistics. We also assist with creation and use of mathematical models to represent economic systems and understand complex market trends in the real world.

360-degree analytical support

Statistics can be an effective navigation system for comprehending and presenting research in today's society. It makes use of trends to show you where you have been, where you need to go, and even how to get there. At FixedPoint IO, we offer a variety of resources to assist you on your route to success. We are here to assist you with designing methods that will yield the most accurate data, assisting you with data analyses, reporting your numbers in tables and charts, or having one of our experts assist you in editing the fine details of your project.

Better Insights

We think that better data and analysis lead to greater insights, which can lead to better decisions that benefit both people and the environment. We are motivated by a desire to make a difference rather than just making profit. We work on projects that we enjoy and are proud of.

Flexible Technology Support When You Need It Most

Our ability to assist clients in accomplishing their IT transformation programme is at the heart of our business. From programme identification and definition to execution, we will walk you through the entire process.

Our Ethos

Our projects are commissioned by clients, but we are not their champions. Rather than creating a case to order, we analyse and present evidence objectively.

Our work is guided by the conviction that economic behaviour is social rather than individual in origin, that humans are social animals, and that successful economies are built on trust and honesty.

Technology programmes that deliver

We collaborate and innovate to discover solutions to the most pressing issues that our clients and society face today. We bring together multidisciplinary teams of individuals with varied perspectives, talents, and expertise to connect people and technology in a complex and dynamic environment. Developing a flexible and reliable strategy for anticipating, intervening, and responding to difficulties.

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We take business data and turn it into actionable information for decision-makers. We supply you with credible and robust evidence that helps you to make decisions as an independent organisation that specialises in data.

What our clients say about us

FixedPoint IO transformed the way we evaluate data. With minimal effort and investment from our side, they were instantly able to create multiple suites that allow us to truly visualise and evaluate our media performance in real-time. I would recommend them to any company out there looking to scale their data operations. 

Nick Brown, Senior Account Director at Square in the Air

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