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Data Analytics and Technology Consulting

FixedPoint IO takes on your problems as if they were our own, and we go to great lengths to discover the best solution for your company. We assist our clients in resolving difficult business issues involving technology solutions strategy, procurement, design, delivery, and data analytics.


Apps and end devices that suit your needs

We assist businesses and institutions with data extraction and analysis, as well as technology support. We work with a diverse range of businesses with a variety of goals and industry sectors. We serve a diverse clientele in EdTech, PropTech, as well as financial institutions.

Discovery & Strategy

We work with diverse stakeholders, from technology departments to the boardroom, guaranteeing technological safety and security at every turn.

Friendly and Straight-talking

Our consultants are not just knowledgeable, but they also care. You will gain access to a dedicated consultant who is friendly, forthright, and on your side.

Portals & Content Delivery

At the heart of our business is our ability to assist clients in implementing their IT transition programme. We will walk you through the entire process, from programme identification and definition to execution.

Enhanced Analytics

We provide consulting services to help clients use econometric modelling and data analysis to a variety of business problems, helping to develop strategies for changing markets, and make critical business decisions.

Pushing the boundaries of Data Analytics

Let’s build great things together

Data is everything. From how we communicate to how we purchase to how businesses run, everything involves data-driven decisions. We assist our clients in identifying the best and most secure solutions in an ever-more complex world. You have a lot of possibilities here: strategy, digital transformation, data analytics, causal inference... Whatever path you take, you will be a part of a broader picture. We enjoy working together to address our clients' most pressing technological issues. In a nutshell, we make business possible.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Consulting

Business intelligence is no longer a "nice to have". To fulfil their business goals and outperform their competitors, nearly every company needs to use data-driven decision making in some manner. Business intelligence enables you to turn enormous amounts of data into useful insights. It is also accessible to everyone because to today's more comprehensive, cost-effective analytics and technology platforms.

Improved management information

Develop a solid business intelligence vision and strategy.

Dynamic data management

Streamline access to multiple data sources.

Analytical applications

Take action on new insights and recommendations.

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